September 18, 2014 Luncheon

Attend Sept 18, 2014 FCC-OSPE Luncheon 

Date: Thursday, September 18, 2014

Place: La Scala Restaurant, 4199 W. Dublin Granville Rd., Dublin, OH

Time: Registration: 11:30 am, Lunch: 11:50 am, Speaker: 12:00 pm, Closing Remarks: 1:00 pm

Cost: Members: $20.00, Non-Members and auxilliary: $30.00.

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Topic:  Columbus Upground Reservoir

This presentation describes how the recently completed Columbus Upground Reservoir has become an integral component of the Scioto River Water Resource System. This off-stream reservoir, along with its associated raw water pump station and interconnecting pipeline, will provide additional source supply, along with the existing on-stream reservoirs, to help meet future water demands of customers being served by the Columbus’ Dublin Road Water Plant during a 50-year drought, as well as to provide additional source supply for the Del-Co Water Company.

The physical size and innovative design of this 9.3-billion-gallon, 850-acre off-stream raw water supply impoundment is record setting, as the earth embankments have a 5-mile perimeter, making it the longest Class I Dam in Ohio. The reservoir’s composite lined bottom, installed due to Karst limestone geology underlying the site, is one of the world’s largest and consists of 37 million square feet of geomembrane and 2 million cubic yards of compacted clay liner (CCL).

The presentation will briefly describe the water source supply components including the Scioto River, the existing on-stream reservoirs, the new John R Doutt Reservoir and its associated raw water pump station and pipeline. Existing and planned public water systems for the City of Columbus and the Del-Co Water Company that will utilize the Scioto River as its source supply will also be identified. This part of the discussion will also show how the Scioto River is being used for flow conveyance and thus has deferred multi-million dollar expenditures for pipeline construction.

The presentation will also describe how the project restored unobstructed river flow and fish migration to a 9-mile stretch of the Scioto River with the removal of a 1920's era low head dam at the Marion/Delaware County line; and by the use of a pneumatic weir gate system spanning the Scioto River in lieu of a permanent intake impoundment

Speaker: Kenneth Ricker, PE

Mr. Ricker has over 31 years of experience- 24 years at ms consultants- assisting clients in a the planning, design, financing and construction of a variety of projects, including public water supply, treatment, and distribution, wastewater collection & treatment, solid and hazardous waste management. He received a BS in Civil Engineering from the Ohio State University. Prior to joining ms, he had seven years of public service performing engineering reviews of studies and construction documents and providing technical assistance to governmental agencies financing their wastewater projects through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Environmental & Financial Assistance. Mr. Ricker has been a member of the American Water Works Association since 1991.

A certificate for 1 hour of Professional Development for attending the program will be presented at the luncheon.