OSPE-FCC November Luncheon Program

Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Place: La Scala Restaurant, 4199 W. Dublin Granville Rd., Dublin, OH

Time: Registration: 11:30 am, Lunch: 11:50 am, Speaker: 12:00 pm, Closing Remarks: 1:00 pm

Cost: Members: $20.00 & Non-Members: $30.00.

Registration: CLICK HERE

Title: ”Our Driverless Future: How autonomous technology will fundamentally reshape our cities

Synopsis: Autonomous vehicles are coming. At the start of 2016, typical predictions for implementation ranged from 15 to 20 years. Much has changed in a year. The pace of implementation has rapidly increased and driverless cars – Uber, Tesla and others - are now on the roads in locations throughout the country.  It is technology that will fundamentally change much of what we know about personal transportation – changing our habits, our preferences, and our opportunities, and nothing will be more impacted by these changes than our cities.

As city planners and leaders, we must be on the forefront of understanding this technology and how we can prepare for the potential impacts. Our research team will present findings on a regional and local scale, in order to outline the immediate and near-term steps needed to prepare your city for this inevitable change.

Using a robust modeling approach, we will explain the likely pace and location of adoption. We will also show the places most impacted by this technology both on at city-wide and site-specific scale. The impacts of shared-driver and owner-based models will be presented, along with the economic impacts on cities that embrace the technology early. The presentation will include:

• Policy and planning approaches

• Potential impacts on land use, land values and development - and what we should be doing to prepare

• Potential impacts on infrastructure needs and investment

• Potential economic impacts on cities, based on their ability to adapt to the new technology

Learning results for attendees:

• A snapshot of the technology to date, and likely coming phases of implementation.

• Introduction to the emerging thinking regarding how this technology will affect everything from city form to economics to land use. 

• A call to action and framework of how to begin planning for AV technology in our communities now.


Jason is a Principal at OHM Advisors, a community advancement firm of planners, architects and engineers. Jason co-founded the Urban Mobility Research Center, an organization promoting the understanding and analysis of transformative transportation technology. Over 19 years of professional practice, he has pursued a specific interest in the relationship between our transportation choices and the resulting impacts on our infrastructure and the evolution of our cities.  Jason is an 11-year auxiliary faculty member at the Knowlton School of Architecture at the Ohio State University. Jason teaches the graduate-level Transportation Studio, including classes focused around autonomous vehicles and driverless technology.


Rick Stein is a co-founder of the Urban Mobility Research Center, and the Principal and Owner of Urban Decision Group – an urban planning and professional services firm that specializes in spatial and non-spatial information analysis. Mr. Stein is a certified Urban Planner, with a specialty in the utilization of technology to aid in the planning process. Mr. Stein has worked in a variety of industries including architecture, planning, education, insurance and banking, utilities, telecommunications, and real estate market analysis. He has a passion for data and technology and is a proud tech geek.

PRESENTER: Justin Robbins, AICP

Justin is a Senior Planner / Project Manager at OHM Advisors, and a co-founder of the Urban Mobility Research Center. Experience in community planning, urban design, and architecture have given Justin an understanding of the physical, spatial, and policy aspects needed to create successful places. Justin’s interests have focused on the connection between transportation and the built environment, with a strong emphasis on minimizing the impacts of cars on our urban places.  Justin is an adjunct faculty member at The Ohio State University, teaching graduate level urban design                                                               

A certificate for 1 hour of Professional Development for attending the program will be presented at the luncheon.